Bear Thrills

(The time when he went a bit silly)

 Tune : Wha Saw The 42nd?

Wha saw Bear Grylls, wha saw him killin snakes

Who saw Bear Grylls, swimmin in a nuclear lake


Met a piranha in pyjamas, met a unicorn bakin cake

Met a whale eatin snails, met a squid wi a gowden rake


He got ambushed by a gang, pumas, tigers, jaguars

He was rescued by a rhino in a reid an frichtfu car


Bonny Braemar

Tune : Bonny Dundee

Bonny, oh bonny, oh bonny Braemar

It’s nae very near, it’s nae sae far

Bonny, oh bonny, oh bonny Braemar

There’s naewhere finer than bonny Braemar


It’s nae very sunny, it’s nae very dry

It’s sometimes still snawin when morning is nigh

Sometimes it’s sae bad it floods aa the streets

Thrawin snowballs until somebody greets


In winter it’s snawy, the snaw owls come oot

They sing twit toowoo, and fly all aboot

Up tae the top of the white crispy hills

Just tae say hi to oor medic called Bill



We hae four churches, aa filled wi joy

Lots o buildins, but no enough toys

Braemar is filled wi history

An mony a strange auld mystery


They say there’s a baby was killed in Braemar

Thrown oot a windae when his parents roamed far

Frae Braemar Castle, oh what a fright

You still hear the baby wailin at night


The folks are aa friendly if you need a hand

Or saving up money tae go tae Thailand

The shops have got all you want, including tea

Or you might need a razor to cut your goatee



Our Sweet Braemar

Tune: Laird O Cockpen

Aa by ourselves in our sweet Braemar

Far far away frae busy street cars

We could go to Ballater, but better by far

To be aa by ourselves in our sweet Braemar

The Coop is tidy, it’s no very big

But there’s more than enough tae eat like a pig

Or eat like a rabbit on salad and grass

An drink Co-op cola, oot o yer glass


Our big Highland Games, what can we say?

Runnin and dancing an marchin aa day

Tossin the caber and throwin the ball

Stages an tents, an lots of food stalls


The Queen comes to Braemar, every year

But some people come here, just to drink beer

The weather is real nice, though it rains all year

But there are smiles only, there is no fear


Birch trees an oak trees an bonny Scots pine

Makin the forest, they grow in a line

Some of their leaves float away in the stream

But the pines tree has needles so it can stay green

Braemar's Michty Spate

Tune : Johnny Lad

The day afore New Year's Eve, a flood cam frae the sky

Melted aa the shiverin snow, rushed doon frae on high

Cam like a volcano, eruptit like a rainbow

The village o Braemar almost devoured bi rain an snow

The Dee wis deep, the Cluny wis high, black cloods hid the stars

The waters crashed an foamed an flashed an thundered in Braemar

It's lucky that nae-wan wis killt, thon terrible frichtfu day

The river swooped so much, it took the path an bridge away

Abergeldie Castle wis broadcast on T.V.

Caravans went bowlin in an floatit tae the sea

The power masts got pulled away, the lichts aa went tae sleep

The stoves went oot, ye couldny cook a tattie or a neep

They cleared the debris frae the fields, kids hand-delivered mail

People pulled taegithir, an got oot their mops an pails

Cam like a volcano, eruptit like a rainbow

The village o Braemar almost devoured bi rain an snow

Cam like a volcano, eruptit like a rainbow

The village o Braemar almost devoured bi rain an snow

We could not include in our song all the great information and ideas that P5-7 came up with.

Here are some.

The bridge going out of Braemar was shut. People had to park in a field and walk round.

A pothole window high up in a building got smashed by the height of the water.

No power made a midden. No wifi.

Some people helped move the animals. The farmer's sheep got washed away.

All the plain was flooded, froth and boil and churning.

People had to be evacuated. 'It ruined my birthday'.

'I remember we were trying to drive to Somerset.'


Written by Ewan McVicar for P5-7

Tune: Ho Ro Donald

Robert Louis Stevenson

Cam tae Braemar wan fine day

Stayed in Miss McGregor's cottage

Aff tae sea we go

Made a treasure island map

Marked whaur the gold wis hid

Then began tae write his buik

Aff tae sea we go

Got some help frae his faither

Chose John Silver for a pirate

The Invercauld for the spoooky auld inn

Aff tae sea we go

Lift the anchor, hoist the mainsail

Aff we go tae hunt for treasure

Yo ho ho an a bottle o cola

Aff tae sea we go

R L Stevenson and his family holidayed in Braemar for three months in 1881. His 12 year old stepson Lloyd decorated the cottage with his own paintings. One day RLS decided to join in. He wrote later, 'I made the map of an island. It was elaborately, and, I thought, beautifully coloured. I ticketed my performance Treasure Island.” RSL wrote the first chapters in Braemar, then got stuck, but his father helped him work out the rest of the story.The Invercauld Arms is now rather grand, but in 1881 it was a 'simple country inn' and perhaps the model for the Admiral Benbow of RSL's story, and John Silver was a Braemar miller in 1881.

Our tune is O Ro Se, a Gaelic song about Bonny Prince Charlie that Andy Stewart borrowed for Donald Where's Yer Troosers.

Wha Saw The 42nd is a very old song about Scottish soldiers from the 42nd Highland Regiment marching to go aboard a ship that will take them to serve overseas.


The old song Bonny Dundee used to have a different tune, then this one was borrowed. The tune is also used for one called Queen Mary Queen Mary. This song used to have fourteen long verses, but children made it into two short verses. Hear it at



The song The Laird O Cockpen is about a proud lord who goes courting a girl, and is astonished when she will not marry him.

The song Johnny Lad is a bouncy funny Glasgow children's song. We have slowed it down and made it sound dramatic.




The Gaelic song with this tune was about Bonny Prince Charlie. Scottish singer Andy Stewart borrowed the tune for his own song Donald Where's Yer Troosers?